Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter felt like promises kept and hope come alive. Exactly. 

Yesterday our best friends came over for Easter brunch along with my dad, and then later my in laws stopped by. It was such a beautiful day. 

I made a basil peach pie, chive biscuits, roasted carrots and asparagus, white bean and scallion salad, oranges simmered in honey and lemon water, red skinned mashed potatoes, pineapple guacamole, and tangerine and mint spritzers. I ate three pieces of pie, but I'm just going to pretend it was more like one very large piece;) Uh, right. 

After lunch we let the kids go outside and collect eggs. It was magical. And I'm going to keep this day as close to my heart as I can, and feel the intense and comforting love of a Father who gave His only Son, that I would have everlasting life. Awestruck. Joy overcome. 
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