Monday, April 30, 2012

Graycen Turns 6!

last week my mom and sister came to celebrate Graycen's birthday with us. and just like that lars got strep throat, dune had allergic reactions to everything and was on benedryl for what seemed like the whole time, and then i caught it and went on an antibiotic. whew. but like anyone, we just pulled up our sleeves and rolled with it. with some tweaking we still had such a great time. maybe the best ever. first we canceled gray's birthday party that was planned for saturday, and instead invited over our families to have pizza and the best vegan cupcakes and she opened lots of presents and the girl certainly felt loved. and then i rested as much as i could on friday during the day and my mom and sister and i met our friends ava and tali at the american girl cafe in manhattan that night. i am so happy i was feeling better by then to have the energy to go... thank you z-pack. we spent the last two days they were here finding any excuse to toast to gray and her awesomeness. sure do love that little girl. happy six birthday graycen! (we miss you already GG and Aunt Dani!)
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