Wednesday, May 30, 2012

lake george part one.

as an extended celebration of my dad's birthday, we went to lake george over night, this past weekend. i hadn't been to lake george since i was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. the last time i was there was the weekend before i started chemo and radiation. the last time i stood at the base of the lake was when i was holding twin baby boys who smelled of coppertone and lake water. the last time i felt that cold water was when my four year old little gray had blonde curls at the base of her sweaty, tan neck as we built a sandcastle together. and the last time i smelled that mountain air was when i held my shaking husbands hand at the prospect and possibility that it may be the very last time. so i can only tell you to try and imagine what that ride up was like for me a few days ago. the sun was shining, our two year olds were fast asleep, my 6 year old gripping her american girl doll in anticipation, and jonathan and i squeezing each other's hands listening to bon iver and thanking God for this moment... for all moments. 
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