Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mother's day.

mother's day was pretty spectacular. of course i missed my own mother all day. it would have been so nice to celebrate with her. and i will always miss my grandmother now that she is gone. something seems to be slightly off about this day now that she is not here. and there is always the truth that for someone somewhere this could be the hardest day of the year. i for one am so incredibly thankful that my children do not have to miss their mother on mother's day. that i fought for life, and God has kept me here. another year, healthy, alive. being their mother is to be celebrated. that day, and everyday. 

we danced and laughed, ate, and sang. we rejoiced in the day, for we are glad in it. our friends came, we roasted marshmallows till it got dark. we came inside sun kissed and over tired. we came in hands full, hearts blessed. 

i am happy and pleased to call myself a mama. i am even happier when i hear it being called and i get to answer to it. i read yesterday, that wives and mothers, what we do, what you do, is not to be missed, or taken lightly. we have the opportunity to speak either life or death to the generations. may we stand up, and answer to the call. may we always speak life. 

and i hope your children call you blessed and you too had a wonderful mother's day:)
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