Monday, June 25, 2012

kindergarten graduation, dance recital, and a birthday party for some almost 3 year olds.

june has been a whirlwind. from california to watching my little gray graduate. and we are not done yet! we are driving to florida on friday for the month of july. we will get some good time in with our family and friends there while jonathan stays behind to finish painting the rest of our house and tiling the rest of our kitchen. we will miss papa bear BIG time, but we are really looking forward to relaxing on the beach, swimming everyday, disney, and the best part, being around all our people. jonathan is a good man that one. we want to avoid all the little lungs breathing in the paint fumes as the entire upstairs where the kids sleep will be getting painted. so we decided together that it would be healthier on all of us to get out of town. i'm pretty sure our Florida family thinks this is a preeeeety good idea;) we sure do! 

we will be making the drive in a period of over three days, stopping in washington d.c. and savannah, ga. we will be turning this road trip into a foodie fest. looking up the greatest places to stop and eat and play on the way. call me crazy, but i'm actually really looking forward to the drive. also, my sis will be flying in to  make the trip with us. so i get some good sister time! 

i am taking the the next few weeks off from blogging but will be back in august with many stories and pictures, i am sure!

i'll also be returning back to ny with two three year olds and as a 30 year old lady!!!! that's right! i'll be turning 30 in july. and that makes me down right the happiest person alive. :) :) :)  

happy summer, and we'll see you in august!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

oh. my. gray.

that went a little too fast. (sobbing)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

i loved like a fountain...

"and it left me with nothing but memories of walking through washington square."   - lyrics by counting crows

saturday we drove into the city to meet up with some friends and to splash in the fountain at washington square park. this is my area. mc dougal street? oh, be still my heart. reminds me of the time an old friend and i spent a year navigating the city as naive 22 year olds, sitting in washington square till we got thirsty and made our way over to the belgium beer bar for a raspberry beer and a basket of french fries in the outdoor garden. we'd listen to counting crows on our ipods and have great conversations about the benefits of a broken heart... a year later i was married.

so, times have changed, and now i go strolling through the park holding hands with my husband of almost 7 years, and snap pictures of my three little children playing among one of the greatest backdrops for any story in manhattan. i'm glad some of my own story took place here, and still does. we left the park  when we noticed that it was getting a little too bizarre for some little eyes. it's a great reminder that those who don't fit in anywhere, fit in in new york;) it's a wild city, one that i am thankful my children get to experience. 

we stopped by jonathan's work so the kids could see it. right now he is working on building part of the high line. very cool for the littles to see what their papa does. after that we went to the fairway market and got some great coffee and dinner. our kiddos were quiet the ride home, and jonathan and i put in a counting crows cd. we sang out loud to "American Girls" and graycen asked if the song was about american girl dolls. and that was it. my heart had just about grown as large as it could in that moment. life, going around, dancing and weaving, painting these pictures.

stepping back for a moment, i look and am so very thankful to God for what He is making our picture look like. and by His grace will reflect Him. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

teacher appreciation week at graycen's school.

"but you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. you are a royal priests, a holy nation, God's very own possession. as a result, you can show others the goodness of God." - 1 peter 2:9 

a few weeks ago at graycen's school, it was teacher appreciation week. i got to take some pictures around the school one morning as everyone began their day. i see why these children and their parents appreciate their teachers. i am one of the thankful parents. graycen is one of the thankful students. God is doing some awesome things in the lives of these little people and God is using these teachers to guide them. one of the first times i sat down with graycen's teacher this past school year, she was reviewing many of the things they were doing in the classroom, many of them graycen was doing well at. but what really sent my heart stirring was when her teacher said to me, "but what is any of that compared to how much she loves the Lord?" i couldn't agree more. as a mom of a first time student, i rested in that sentence she spoke to me that day, and i continue to do so. not only is graycen a student of a classroom, but she is first and foremost a student of God, and that is the connection this school makes, that is the emphasis these teachers place in the hearts of their students. teachers- we DO appreciate you! and we thank you!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

cherries, bees, and a cap and gown.

we sat around on a big blanket under a tree in the front of our house yesterday and ate this whole bowl of cherries. now there are little pits covering the front yard. it's cherry season, and little bees are all over the place, and the grass is growing faster than we know what to do with, and graycen came home with a bag. and in that bag was a cap and gown. i can smell it in the air. summer. it's right at the tip of everything right now. it's coming. with kindergarten ending in little less than a week my heart is doing flip flops. i've loved this year. and i know she has too. weren't we just picking out her very first back pack? sigh. 

Monday, June 11, 2012


this past weekend, one of my closest friends and i flew out to one of our best girlfriend's wedding. the three of us have been friends for 17 years. if you don't have a pair of friends like this, get yourself a pair. these two girls are like sisters to me. we've been through an incredible amount of ups and downs together over the past almost 20 years. we've supported each other through break ups, marriages, babies, death, parents' divorces, moving, cancer diagnosis', and so, so much more. we weren't always living close in proximity to each other, but none the less we've grown up ride along side one another. i had the honor of standing next to cait on her wedding day as her bridesmaid, while i watched her pledge her love and devotion to seth, her now husband. as they said their vows, i saw a thousand memories flash before my eyes. i stood next to kelli who is 6 months pregnant with her second child, and it all felt a bit surreal. i watched her mother, a mother to me at times, wipe away the tears of joy as they fell to her cheeks. this moment, these moments, i am so grateful for. for sisterhood that breaks down barriers over a lifetime, for a thousand laughs and cries, for comfort that reaches from one coast line to another, for friends who feel like part of my soul. we stand together, the three of us girls, thankful for where life has brought us, valuing the pact of marriage and ready to embrace what is a head and supporting each other all the while. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

around the house.

here are some pictures from around our home. the little fingers in this house have been busy helping mama make all sorts of delicious meals and cookies and juices. today we are off to pick strawberries, to get some to freeze for the winter months, and some for now. we'll make jams and pies, and add some to our salads. i've been anxious to muddle some up and add fresh mint we have growing and make flavored water with them too. i'll be in california for one of my best friend's wedding this weekend. i'm leaving my little babes behind with their papa where they will spend half the days in jammies and the other half fishing on our little lake i bet. time with dad is going to be wonderful for them. i'm leaving instructions but that has much more to do with my personality than jonathan's capabilities. i'm happy for them. i hope they make some great memories this weekend, without me;) 

Monday, June 4, 2012

lake george, part three.

so this is it folks. the last of our pics from lake george. it will be some time before we get up there again. sometime in august i suppose. we leave for florida in just a few weeks to spend the month of july with family and friends, our old church, and of course the salt water:) lake george was good to us as you can see. something about that mountain air, that cold water, that view. my heart half belongs up there. and now so do the littles. 
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