Wednesday, June 6, 2012

around the house.

here are some pictures from around our home. the little fingers in this house have been busy helping mama make all sorts of delicious meals and cookies and juices. today we are off to pick strawberries, to get some to freeze for the winter months, and some for now. we'll make jams and pies, and add some to our salads. i've been anxious to muddle some up and add fresh mint we have growing and make flavored water with them too. i'll be in california for one of my best friend's wedding this weekend. i'm leaving my little babes behind with their papa where they will spend half the days in jammies and the other half fishing on our little lake i bet. time with dad is going to be wonderful for them. i'm leaving instructions but that has much more to do with my personality than jonathan's capabilities. i'm happy for them. i hope they make some great memories this weekend, without me;) 
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