Monday, June 11, 2012


this past weekend, one of my closest friends and i flew out to one of our best girlfriend's wedding. the three of us have been friends for 17 years. if you don't have a pair of friends like this, get yourself a pair. these two girls are like sisters to me. we've been through an incredible amount of ups and downs together over the past almost 20 years. we've supported each other through break ups, marriages, babies, death, parents' divorces, moving, cancer diagnosis', and so, so much more. we weren't always living close in proximity to each other, but none the less we've grown up ride along side one another. i had the honor of standing next to cait on her wedding day as her bridesmaid, while i watched her pledge her love and devotion to seth, her now husband. as they said their vows, i saw a thousand memories flash before my eyes. i stood next to kelli who is 6 months pregnant with her second child, and it all felt a bit surreal. i watched her mother, a mother to me at times, wipe away the tears of joy as they fell to her cheeks. this moment, these moments, i am so grateful for. for sisterhood that breaks down barriers over a lifetime, for a thousand laughs and cries, for comfort that reaches from one coast line to another, for friends who feel like part of my soul. we stand together, the three of us girls, thankful for where life has brought us, valuing the pact of marriage and ready to embrace what is a head and supporting each other all the while. 
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