Tuesday, June 19, 2012

i loved like a fountain...

"and it left me with nothing but memories of walking through washington square."   - lyrics by counting crows

saturday we drove into the city to meet up with some friends and to splash in the fountain at washington square park. this is my area. mc dougal street? oh, be still my heart. reminds me of the time an old friend and i spent a year navigating the city as naive 22 year olds, sitting in washington square till we got thirsty and made our way over to the belgium beer bar for a raspberry beer and a basket of french fries in the outdoor garden. we'd listen to counting crows on our ipods and have great conversations about the benefits of a broken heart... a year later i was married.

so, times have changed, and now i go strolling through the park holding hands with my husband of almost 7 years, and snap pictures of my three little children playing among one of the greatest backdrops for any story in manhattan. i'm glad some of my own story took place here, and still does. we left the park  when we noticed that it was getting a little too bizarre for some little eyes. it's a great reminder that those who don't fit in anywhere, fit in in new york;) it's a wild city, one that i am thankful my children get to experience. 

we stopped by jonathan's work so the kids could see it. right now he is working on building part of the high line. very cool for the littles to see what their papa does. after that we went to the fairway market and got some great coffee and dinner. our kiddos were quiet the ride home, and jonathan and i put in a counting crows cd. we sang out loud to "American Girls" and graycen asked if the song was about american girl dolls. and that was it. my heart had just about grown as large as it could in that moment. life, going around, dancing and weaving, painting these pictures.

stepping back for a moment, i look and am so very thankful to God for what He is making our picture look like. and by His grace will reflect Him. 
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