Monday, June 25, 2012

kindergarten graduation, dance recital, and a birthday party for some almost 3 year olds.

june has been a whirlwind. from california to watching my little gray graduate. and we are not done yet! we are driving to florida on friday for the month of july. we will get some good time in with our family and friends there while jonathan stays behind to finish painting the rest of our house and tiling the rest of our kitchen. we will miss papa bear BIG time, but we are really looking forward to relaxing on the beach, swimming everyday, disney, and the best part, being around all our people. jonathan is a good man that one. we want to avoid all the little lungs breathing in the paint fumes as the entire upstairs where the kids sleep will be getting painted. so we decided together that it would be healthier on all of us to get out of town. i'm pretty sure our Florida family thinks this is a preeeeety good idea;) we sure do! 

we will be making the drive in a period of over three days, stopping in washington d.c. and savannah, ga. we will be turning this road trip into a foodie fest. looking up the greatest places to stop and eat and play on the way. call me crazy, but i'm actually really looking forward to the drive. also, my sis will be flying in to  make the trip with us. so i get some good sister time! 

i am taking the the next few weeks off from blogging but will be back in august with many stories and pictures, i am sure!

i'll also be returning back to ny with two three year olds and as a 30 year old lady!!!! that's right! i'll be turning 30 in july. and that makes me down right the happiest person alive. :) :) :)  

happy summer, and we'll see you in august!
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