Monday, August 13, 2012

school and homeschool.

there's a buzz in this house and it sounds a lot like this: baacckkk tooooo schooool. we are preparing little gray to start the first grade, (hold on, i need a sec)... the first grade! and somehow i feel a bit unwilling to do so. this school stuff just keeps going so fast. i have loved our summer. i have loved every bit of it. and i'm sad to give it up soon. but God has been planting some important seeds in my heart regarding dune and lars and i am excited to be starting to homeschool them when graycen starts school. i have been preparing all summer and i can't wait. i will be sticking to a loosely based waldorf inspired curriculum. we will be focusing mostly on sensory learning and experiences over the next school year, as well as music, bible time, lots of baking, and home skills. i am going to try and blog as much as i can about my experiences and lessons as it comes. but as a whole, i will be taking a step in the direction of unplugging much of our lives. i have written so much about all of our life as a family, really, since graycen was just a year old. as graycen gets older i want to make more and more of her life private and respect that one day she will in fact read this. as a whole, our lives are getting busier but more focused and i don't have the time for the things i use to. in addition, graycen will be starting gymnastics in a few weeks along with GEMS at our church. she will be a very busy little lady! 

we are excited to live out this next year with purpose and intent for Christ, our family, and our area! 

graycen, building a worm habitat.

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