Friday, August 3, 2012

welcomed home.

from the top: 1. nothing like home. 2. picked up some babies breath at sams club the other day and we stocked up on lots of things that we had run out of. 3. breakfast on a sunny morning. 4. jonathan's new tattoo of us. 5.i missed my man. 6. forever. 7. coffee. 8. dune and lars room turned out so good and now i'm sort of obsessed with it. 9. my littles playing under the big oak tree while i weeded a whole months worth of weeds. 10. homemade sodas, everyday. 

i don't have many pictures from Florida. i opened my suitcase when we arrived and my camera was broken. perrrrfect timing. everything was taken with my iphone and my sister's camera instead. but the memories were burned into my head and heart and i will never forget the things we did while we were there. we came back invigorated. God has special timing in the ways He speaks to my heart when we are in the sunshine state. so i've come back with a few plans up my sleeves;) and i am praying and seeking Him with how those roads pan out over the coarse of the next year. or more. i am patient in His timing. (most of the time.

we are happy to be home and so thankful to be back around the hardest working husband and father i have ever seen. i am blessed enough that that man is my husband and my littles daddy. oh Lord, You certainly know how to win over Your daughter. hearts are beating over here. we are home. and we are thankful. 
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