Monday, September 10, 2012

Montgomery Day.

this past saturday we drove to the town of montgomery, ny to watch the kids great grandfather be honored as the grand marshall of the montgomery day parade. we felt so proud of "grandpa" as he rode down the street. we know about his life and legacy, and it was wonderful for everyone to learn of and respect and celebrate him for it. what a great man he is. we love you grandpa!

the kids collected about 10 lbs of candy a piece and it is quite possible that they may have developed a cavity or three, while chewing on every piece of sugary treat that was thrown in their direction during the duration of the parade. i brought a bag of green apples and insisted they each eat one to cancel out the effects... a clever mom idea. (didn't work)

we had fun and drove home right before a great dark sky rolled in. thankfully it didn't rain during the parade, but we got a massive storm later on in the day which forced a wave of cool air in. we opened windows and began to enjoy what feels like the beginning of another season changing. fall, we know you are coming. and fall in the hudson valley is magical. 

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