Monday, September 24, 2012

The Last Weeks Of Summer...

i love fall. i really love fall. but i love all the seasons. i guess that's why the north east happens to fit me best. i need the red maples at halloween, and snow on valentine's day, and robin's eggs in spring, and the green of summer. so saying good bye to the greenest greens and making way for yellow, orange, and red, we prepared and spent the last weeks of summer making them the best we knew how. 

got our little homeschooling room ready
canned lots of tomatoes from great grandpa's garden
cut the last of great grandma's hydrangea 
baked tons of banana bread
hung our tree swing
sharpened many bouquets of pencils
hung all of graycen's school uniforms
and over all hurried to get the house ready for colder temperatures and changing winds (remember how old this house is? yea, so there's all those drafts we weren't dealing with for a few months) 

but here we are! and it's fall! and it's lovely, and perfect, and warm in the sun, but cool in the shade, where a fire in the fireplace at night is an absolute must, and anything that comes out of the crockpot we declare is the "most amazing, best thing ever, need to make this again" meal we've ever had:) 

happy fall!
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