Thursday, October 18, 2012


these two. 

what would i do without hulk impersonations at the grocery store, or pee all over the toilet from not lifting up the seat, or the stinkiest feet in the whole world, or legos snuck into bed at night time, or roaring the loudest roars when i say, "i love you", or insisting on never bathing? but seriously, what would i do without the love of my boys? the sweetness, the tenderness of needing their mama, the way they need "one more kiss" every time. the way they have to pick a sweater of mine for bedtime. the way they are always telling me i smell good, or am pretty, or beautiful, or the best mama in the whole wide world. it melts me on the spot. what would i do if i never knew that this huge part of me was just waiting to come alive? or that i was capable of not screaming at spiders but instead able to pick them up in a tissue and hold it there while we all take a long look and talk about it. or that dirt is in fact the best smell ever under my nails. or that i too am able to impersonate hulk. and spiderman, and firestar, and superman, and batman. and their favorite to call me, black widow. 
these two are buddies alright.
 but even more so,
 they are my buddies. 
dune, lars. i love you guys. ROAR!
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