Tuesday, October 9, 2012

catskill mountain railroad.

on monday we drove up to the catskills and went on the catskill mountain railroad. it was such a beautiful fall day. this was dune and lars' first time on a train. dune, being the most neurotic child on the planet anyway, was a bit nervous about it. lars on the other hand was practically lulled to sleep. so many golden leaves, a sea of them, and the tiniest bits of red, and still those greens that are holding on till the first frost. afterwards we went to eat in the charming little mountain town of phoenicia. we stopped on the drive home at all the little stores that said "antiques" or "country store" on the outside of the buildings. i went home with my dream wire basket which is now sitting next to our fireplace holding bundles of twigs to be burned this fall. 

we had to say goodbye to my sister this morning. this isn't getting any easier. graycen now understands completely that her aunt dani will be back for christmas, but dune and lars, and especially lars takes it as a personal offense that danielle is somehow leaving him and won't be back. this morning while it was still dark out, lars just stood at my window in our bedroom, holding the curtain back while looking outside, saying over and over, "but i miss her mama, i will miss her." so much sadness in fact that i might have even promised to take him to go get those teenage mutant ninja turtle figurines at target he's been eyeing. they don't at all replace his aunt dani, but seemed to at least help him calm down. 

i had so much fun with my sister. we had a girl's night and went and saw Annie on broadway this past saturday night. we had the most amazing, i mean amazing dinner and i also stocked up on kitchen goodies at Sur la Table while we were in the city. the next day we took graycen out with us for lunch and walked around cold spring and went into thrift stores and cold spring apothecary. (a MUST if you live in or are visiting the hudson valley.) and might i recommend their "Hudson" perfume. oh.my.goodness. we came home and made caramel apples using this recipe. we also cooked a huge meal and all shared food around the table. i think if i were to write a book at this place in my life it would have to be called, "the shared meal." there is just something about the dinner table the warms my heart, head, cheeks, and belly. i used some of the tomatoes i had canned and made pumpkin chili with it. i roasted acorn squash and carrots, and picked up the crustiest loaf of bread and we dipped it in good olive oil with fresh herbs. danielle had made a roasted chicken for the meat eaters, and corn bread, and we ate and talked, and laughed, and i thanked God for every bit and breathe and inch He's given me. 

*our family has suffered a great loss of my Uncle Phil this past week. danielle and i loved him like a father. in fact at times, he was nothing but that too us. please keep his wife and son in your prayers and that through time they begin to heal. 
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