Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween!

halloween came early for us this year, because if we had waited any longer it might not come at all! hurricane sandy is coming and this is scarier than any halloween! 

we dressed the kids up and we filled their pumpkins with candy. moments later we took down all the decorations and put everything in the garage. the winds are going to be powerful and gusty, and we want to keep as much of our house in tact as we can! 

we will probably lose power for a few days. but we have a gas stove and lots of canned soups, and enough crackers, and peanut butter, bread, jelly's, chips, fruit, water, and candy to last us weeks. we have fire wood ready to go, and we are going to blow up the air mattress and have the kids camp out in the living room for the next couple of days. 

we are praying for everyone's safety. be safe, and smart.
and.... happy halloween!
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