Wednesday, October 24, 2012

meet piper!

maybe it was the fact that we had just watched the movie Marley and Me, maybe it was that when we left Florida i really missed Hudson, maybe it's because i can never have another baby. or maybe, it was all of the above. 

sunday morning, over coffee and breakfast we were all sitting at the table when i looked out the window and saw this precious little dog at our front door. the next 24 hrs provided no answers about her past, but provided us all the answers about her future. this little girl seems to have been dropped off in our neighborhood. after talking to the vet, we conclude that whoever owned her just couldn't keep up with her care. baby girl is 20-30 lbs under weight, severely anemic, and had some internal parasites. she was dirty and grimy, and just plain pitiful. and that was the perfect combination to capture our hearts and have decided within hours of knowing her that we would be her forever home. 

she spent the morning at our amazing vet, middle hope veterinary, whom i had had a previous relationship with when we had Hudson. this was the same vet who consoled me as i cried like a baby as they treated Hudson for lyme disease. something about dogs who are hurting. so i knew that we HAD to have them see this dog right away. they did, and they all loved her, just like we did. she captured their hearts like she did ours. we are team Piper and we want to see her get well. 

so the vet provided me with some information about her. other than the obvious, her ribs sticking out, being dirty, and NOT being microchiped, we moved ahead as i decided right then in the room that she is officially ours. she is a pit bull mix, as young as 8 months old, as old as 2 yrs. we are treating her as if she is a one year old. she is 36 lbs, but he would like to see 30 more lbs on her. she is full grown. and she is so awesome. 

she had obviously had some training, had been socialized around animals and children because she is a dream around both. she learned to sit and stay within 20 minutes of training her at the vets office. in two days i've taught her to wait for us all to get out the door, then when i say, "you're free" she will go out the door. smart pup! we are having a trainer come to our home and train us all. pits are generally the alpha dog and especially female pit bulls. it's important we teach the children to the majority of the training, just so she knows who's in charge. 

bottom line, i would have never chosen a pit bull for our family. but she chose us. and because of that i want to learn everything i can about her to advocate for this dog. we love her. we love her so much. yesterday we found ourselves at the dog bakery buying her a doggy doughnut. i mean, what? 

welcome piper, to our home. we get it right only half the time, it's loud, you will be confused as to what toys are yours and what are the kids, you will get tons of table food with two three year old around, there are days where all we do is laundry and clean toilets, but we have a lot of love. and we want to share it with you! and it might be that you sniffed your way to us, knowing that what was behind our front door,  you were searching for exactly this. 
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