Wednesday, October 10, 2012

we got annie!

       so, i had a dream once and when i was little i dreamed big! i was going to be Annie on Broadway. i decided that at the age of six or seven and although life led me down a different path, (one with many more bumps than i had ever imagined) i never forgot that dream. it's been etched in my heart since Halloween of 1986 when my mom put that big red wig on my head and i just knew that God had somehow made a mistake and i was absolutely, definitely suppose to be a red head. i was a very dramatic little girl and had taken singing lessons since i was four years old. by the time i was a young girl i was being classically trained and touring in and outside of the country. i had other amazing vocal experiences in my life; singing at Westminster abbey, being on TV for various performances, and making children's taped and videos. but oh, how i always returned to the idea that Annie, oh Annie, that would be making it. 

      so fast forward to 2012. I'm a tired mom who just sat down for the first time that day. it's 9:00 at night and Jonathan and i are half watching chopped on the food network, when wouldn't ya know. i hear a commercial that perks me right up and it's for the new musical on Broadway: ANNIE! and what's even better? i got on the phone and ordered tickets for when my sister was going to be here!

                                          i was a giddy thing last Saturday night.

     so, my dream of actually being Annie on Broadway never panned out. but something felt extra magical about watching the show as an adult and knowing my littles were tucked safely in bed  and that my husband would be waiting at the train station later that night to pick us up, and we'd make the short drive back to our home. along the lines, the dream changed. a new dream started to occur, started taking shape, and began to make a life of it's own. 

        but Annie, you spunky little red head who i can still identify parts of myself with. you will always hold a special place in my heart. even perhaps, now in the heart of my daughter too. 
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