Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

in everything we give thanks.

thanksgiving was more blessed than i deserve. it leaves me with a servants heart. i want to give more. i want to minister more. i want more Christ. i want to walk humbly and shakily into advent with what little i have to offer, but asking Jesus to make plenty of it. i want to enter into the season of Christmas with anticipation of that little babe lying in a dirty, dusty, smelly barn, knowing full well that is where God meets me, over and over and over again. i want to come begging for forgiveness to have Him tell me, he would have come and died if it had only been me. i want thanksgiving to last in my heart so that when my Savior shows up, you will find me holding frankincense and myrrh. i am thankful because all of this is His and He thinks enough to share it with me. for that i dedicate my life to thankfulness. i dedicate this all to Him. now we burst into Christmas time awaiting that first little cry from that baby boy. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


i'm sure glad we had those spiderman costumes! the kids played with their masks and tails so much over the weekend that i lost one set. it was the fox, and believe it or not, i still can't find it. so at the last minute i talked dune and lars into being spiderman. actually didn't have to talk them into it all. they were allllllll for it! so off they went. trick or treating around our lovely little neighborhood. and as if this neighborhood didn't have me at hello, last night i just about fell head over heels for this circle of homes and all of our neighbors. we had a fun night, and ended it the only acceptable way, if you've had a decent amount of candy, with epic meltdowns over bed time and threatening to take away their stash if they got out of bed one. more. time! yep, it was a good one! hope yours was as candy coated in sugar as ours:)

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