Monday, November 26, 2012

in everything we give thanks.

thanksgiving was more blessed than i deserve. it leaves me with a servants heart. i want to give more. i want to minister more. i want more Christ. i want to walk humbly and shakily into advent with what little i have to offer, but asking Jesus to make plenty of it. i want to enter into the season of Christmas with anticipation of that little babe lying in a dirty, dusty, smelly barn, knowing full well that is where God meets me, over and over and over again. i want to come begging for forgiveness to have Him tell me, he would have come and died if it had only been me. i want thanksgiving to last in my heart so that when my Savior shows up, you will find me holding frankincense and myrrh. i am thankful because all of this is His and He thinks enough to share it with me. for that i dedicate my life to thankfulness. i dedicate this all to Him. now we burst into Christmas time awaiting that first little cry from that baby boy. 
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