Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Few Things About Me.

Before I became a mother I was bar tending at an Irish Pub. 

Graycen was the first baby i ever held. No, I mean ever. I had never held a newborn and when I went to get her dressed for the first time and realized I had to bend her arms to get her outfit on, I began to cry because I thought I would break her. (true story.) 

I absolutely hate being scared. Scary movies, hearing my kids cry out over something, driving in the snow, something brushing up against my leg on a walk in the woods. Hate it. 

I really never envisioned myself as very care giving person. Before I was a wife and a mom, if someone would have asked I probably would have said I wouldn't be good at either. God still works on me to break me out of my shell, step out more, and now I pray for divine appointments where I can be caring and compassionate and not too busy with myself.

I was classically trained in singing and music theory for 8 yrs of my younger life. It's never left me. 

I have Italian blood, but apart from the name of this blog, I can only speak Italian in the way that I cook.

I was born in Vermont and blame all of my desires to own a farm on that fact alone.

If it wasn't for having cancer and my inability to ever become pregnant again, we would be trying to have another baby right now. 

My favorite place to be in the whole world is home. I wandered so much of my late teens and early 20's and now in my 30's have come to know the truth in there really being no place like home. 

I am an introvert. Aside from being able to have a great time at a dinner party, I will always be the first one to want to turn in. I loathe small talk. I'm not good at it and it makes me nervous. 

I am insecure about praying aloud in front of a small group, even a gathering in our home. but get me alone with Jesus, and I pour my heart out in buckets. 

My favorite desert is cobbler. Peach, berry, chocolate chip... just put the name cobbler on the end of it and I'm sure I'll love it. I'm a pie girl through and through and will pass on cake for a good pie crust any day. 

I met Jesus through a little talk with my sister when I was four years old. I loved my Creator with a crazy passion till around 15 years old, and then nothing. Like many, my teens and early 20's were filled with reckless thoughts and actions that left me feeling void and unworthy. I met with Jesus again in the Planned Parenthood where I found out I was pregnant with Graycen, in the emergency room pregnant with Dune and Lars when they gave me an ultimatum to continue with the pregnancy or not, when my marriage was hanging on by a thread, and when I was diagnosed with cancer. I am stubborn, but God is relentless. So now we walk hand in hand, and I have returned to my first love only to find that He had never let me go. 

~And all of this.... Is a result of all that. ~

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