Wednesday, March 27, 2013


...this picture has nothing to do with anything other than i think it's hilarious. these days i can't get this kid to slow down for a picture, and when he does he lets me know he doesn't want to...

anyway, this week has been so wonderful. It's been quiet. not in a noise level sort of way, (my neighbors can attest to that) but in a spirit kind of way. For the greater part of the week we were without a car... no worries, car is fixed... so we were walking a lot. The weather has been chilly, but warm in the sun. we've been able to play outside for long periods getting covered in dirt and mud and picking the first of the flowers we see popping through the ground. Graycen has been home with us and until yesterday, when she started feeling sick, we have been working on her leadership, her God given strengths to be great examples to her brothers. I've been amazed at some of her patience with them, her sweet tender tone she uses to talk to them, and how she keeps their interests peaked in only a way a sibling can. i am thankful for her. so very thankful. 

our hearts are getting happily anxious to celebrate Easter. it's a most special day for me and my family. we celebrate birth, and rebirth, death and life and eternal life. on friday i have a special treat to put on here, something Graycen has been working on for the past two days that she told me i could share with you all. so come back and check for that!

this week, actually for the past month i have played this song over and over. have you hear it yet? it's so good. i really can not put into words how i felt the first time, the first 20 times, i heard this song. 


and this quote. "sometimes I need only to stand wherever i am to be blessed."- Mary Oliver

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