Monday, March 25, 2013


Sundays are the sweetest of days. It is most definitely a favorite for Jonathan and I where no matter what kind of schedule we are all on during the week, Sunday we are all on the same page. And that feels like a gift and a treasure. 

From the top: 
-getting ready for church.
-kids enthusiastic to tell us what they learned in kids church. nothing better!
-coming home
-playing outside for hours 
-coloring eggs
-making dinner


these days our littles are fighting and making up, disagreeing and learning to get along. It's a lot of training and shepherding our children and it can be tiresome and exhausting. Graycen is on Spring Break this week and i am just seeking God's full wisdom on how to show grace at every turn. There are many, many bumps along the way as these three strong willed children learn to live under our roof, with our family rules in place, and most importantly obedience shown to God and their parents. there is pushing and boundary testing and I just pray for patience. Dr. Time Keller says, "the worst thing for a strong willed child is a weak willed parent." So I press on! Should be an interesting week!!! 
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