Monday, March 11, 2013

Welcome back.

After some time away, I am back. I took a few months off from writing, got off a facebook, and stopped going on twitter. i needed some head clearing. i needed to figure out what this whole thing meant to me, what it's really about, ya know? i've been writing about our lives for so long. since Gray was just a little babe, i've disclosed all the tiring details it takes to be a mama to my children and what it's like for me to be raising kids in this crazy world. but the last two years i've felt tremendous growth //in my life, but also my relationship with Christ// and i needed to make sure that if i was ever going to come back to this blog, it was going to be with a purpose and plan in mind. so, here i am and after these past few months away, i feel i still have stuff to say. i still want to point to God, give Him the glory for the miraculous ways He's redeeming our lives. and if you'd be so kind, maybe you'll join me. 

why the new name? this bible verse, "And for you who fear my name, the Sun of righteousness will rise with healing in it's wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy, like calves let out to pasture." Malachi 4:2,happens to be one of my very favorites. but mostly, it's how i feel. in a physical way, we are drawn out to pasture, gardening, living off our land, foraging, appreciating nature, learning... 
and in an oh so captivate my heart, twirl me around by the hand, dip me as we dance kind of way, God has most certainly been relentless in wooing my heart with His healing of my health, marriage, and life. Under His great wings is where you will find me with a pen and paper, camera in hand, hoping to capture some of the beauty of it along the way. and this is where i will attempt to write a bit of it down. this is where i will try and translate what can almost not be explained. this is where i'll come back to remember. 
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