Monday, April 29, 2013

Graycen Turns 7!

 our cup runneth over. after celebrating Graycen's life this past friday night i walked away feeling so incredibly blessed, not just to have her, but for the people that love her. she has such quality friends, such good solid people that i get to also call friends that walk along side her in her life, share her laughs, tears, questions, answers, and adventures.

 we had my mom with us all last week and it was such a gift to us to have her here. we miss her so much already. i love my mom's friendship with my kids. even though most of the year they are apart, she is a prayer warrior for the lives of her grandchildren and when they are all reunited my children can feel the absolute unconditional love of a praying grandmother. 

  i can't believe that Graycen has turned 7 years old. she is such a beautiful person. she is brave and determined, she is proper and kind. she is reliable and trusting. she holds her self to high standards. she is a great sister, and helpful daughter. she loves God with every breath she takes and considers Jesus to be her best friend. she dreams of owning a bakery one day. she possesses this quality that when she talks to you, she makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world. she is naturally inquisitive and a hungry learner. she appreciates the natural and animals, enjoys climbing trees, running till she can't breathe, and doing anything involving paint. taylor swift is her favorite musician and her favorite food is homemade soup. this little girl of mine, she is more than i could have dreamed up. her heart is one that is after God and that right there, that  right  there, makes her golden. 

//Though she be but little, she is fierce. -Shakespeare// 

Happy Birthday, darling girl. You. Are. Loved. 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day!

                                           { good gracious, i love this boy.}

yesterday was Earth Day and we enjoyed the day much like we enjoy every other beautiful spring day we're given. first we went to a local farm and picked up their home made granola before we headed out for our nature walk. this farm has the most beautiful chickens just walking around talking back and forth. and dune and lars got a kick out of the roosters crowing like crazy animals! 

on our hike we took a break to sit and count frogs. we spotted at least a half a dozen. the boys could have sat in that sunny spot all day. 

at the end of our walk we stood around and bird watched for a good 20 minutes. the birds dove up and down like trapeze swingers. it was beautiful. we identified most of them to be tree swallows, with the boldest blue feathers. we also got yelled at by a mama goose who was guarding a broken egg the size of a mango. unfortunately we didn't spot the baby anywhere and with the amount of hawks flying over head we were afraid she may have been missing her baby. 

these two are totally and completely my buddies. i love my job. i love taking care of them, leading them, viewing and experiencing life at the pace that they demand. i don't mind stopping all the time, or taking breaks to watch two tiny boys get excited because they want to show me that "awesome thing over there!" for the hundredth time. i am learning to love the piles of dirty smelly clothes and the worn out knees on their jeans because all of this is a sign of life, their life, and mine. and with Graycen turning 7 at the end of this week i am soaking up every morsel of little that these boys have left in them, because they grow and they grow fast, and i don't want to miss a thing. 

this is a picture of our future food. those tiny little sprouts are going to grow to become big strong plants loaded with nutrition. and the better they are cared for, the soil they are planted in, the water they receive and the amount of sun they are exposed to will only add to their value. it's not just the Earth that we are called to be good stewards of, but also everything in it. including our children. my children are like these sprouts. and i pray daily that i am a better gardener to them than i was the day before, that i spend time in the sun and with the Son. and together on this Earth we will all grow stronger as a result of it. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Storm King Art Center.

the day before my sister left, we took her to the Storm King Art Center. here are some pictures from our day. 

you can learn more about Storm King, here

we are missing my sister in a major way, but we are getting excited about our next visitor. My mom! she arrives wednesday and will stay here through out the week into the weekend and help us celebrate Graycen's 7th birthday. speaking of her birthday, as my little girl ran to the bus this morning I yelled out, "enjoy your last week of being six!" then i closed the door and cried. 

what an awesome weekend we had! We enjoyed the company of friends and neighbors, built up our garden a bit, planted some more, and then Sunday Jonathan was baptized at church!!!! It really goes down as one of the best days of my life, and his. we are in a sweet season of life right now. I am so thankful that my heart is nearly exploding at every thought of it. jonathan and i have dreams and plans that include so much trust and faith in God, but it's all so exciting that we can hardly contain our joy. Hope your weekend was sweet as well.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A hike at the Mohonk Mountain House.

we're gonna miss my sister when she leaves. but we still have one day left to soak up our time with her. yesterday we went for a hike through the Mohonk Mountain House. It was cool and overcast, and about 10 degrees cooler at the top of the mountain. in some areas you might believe it was still winter. there are very few buds on the trees and the grass is still mostly dull. such a contrast from the blooming burst of Spring in the city the day before. that might be why i love where we live so very much. the exposure to it all. the ability to see such things in a few days time. 
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