Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Around here.

this old house. it's serving us well, it is. i struggled this winter to see the beauty in it. I really did. but the shift, the change, the light, the weather, the temperature, it's all changing. and so are my feelings about it. and today i walked around this old house and snapped pictures of life, exactly how i want to remember it. the years where our tinies are running wild in her, and the peeling paint, and creaky floors, and the endless list of fix it uppers and to do's. but these moments, the ones that build our character and strengthen our integrity, the ones that make us lean on one another a bit more, and hold each other tighter. the chances we get to put the littlest hands in the family to work, why, because we need them. those three little sets of hands matter in the making of and fixing up of this house. and these things. these precious moments matter and make us, shape us and stretch us. and if the most important thing that happened today was that a three year old little boy found it to be exhilarating to help with sorting laundry, than my goodness, i'll take it. and my God, i'll thank Him for it. 
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