Monday, April 1, 2013


easter morning started with getting the kids dressed for our traditional back yard egg hunt.

// i looooooooove this picture. oh, my, heart. //

ready for their egg hunt!


we were suppose to pic up some chickens this weekend, but with Graycen still under the weather and Easter, we decided to wait. we made the right choice and instead stuck these fake ones in the kid's eggs. not the same. at all. they let us know.

my wild, crazy, lovable, hyper, blessed, and treasured bunch. 

then dune starts making us all laugh with this napkin humor of his. see, i couldn't even keep the camera from shaking, i was laughing so hard. blurry, funny photo. 

oh, and dinner was sooooo good. i used the pioneer woman's method of cooking salmon. it comes out perfect every time. so i stuck with that. we ate green beans and chick pea salad, and for dessert graycen and i made a strawberry cake following this recipe. it was so good. 

then graycen had us all cracking up by sticking carrots through her missing tooth gap. why is that still funny to me?

more napkin humor. that dune!

after dinner we went to see the crood's at the movie theater which had my kids mesmerised. and finally, before bed we went over to my dad's where the kids did their final sugar high performance after eating a massive amount of chocolate he had waiting for them. i'm glad my dad got some of that on his video camera, because we were in tears. and i might have been laughing so hard, i missed some of it. 

and tell me, what more powerful words are there worth celebrating than this...

"I am the resurrection and the life. anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying." John 11:25

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