Monday, April 29, 2013

Graycen Turns 7!

 our cup runneth over. after celebrating Graycen's life this past friday night i walked away feeling so incredibly blessed, not just to have her, but for the people that love her. she has such quality friends, such good solid people that i get to also call friends that walk along side her in her life, share her laughs, tears, questions, answers, and adventures.

 we had my mom with us all last week and it was such a gift to us to have her here. we miss her so much already. i love my mom's friendship with my kids. even though most of the year they are apart, she is a prayer warrior for the lives of her grandchildren and when they are all reunited my children can feel the absolute unconditional love of a praying grandmother. 

  i can't believe that Graycen has turned 7 years old. she is such a beautiful person. she is brave and determined, she is proper and kind. she is reliable and trusting. she holds her self to high standards. she is a great sister, and helpful daughter. she loves God with every breath she takes and considers Jesus to be her best friend. she dreams of owning a bakery one day. she possesses this quality that when she talks to you, she makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world. she is naturally inquisitive and a hungry learner. she appreciates the natural and animals, enjoys climbing trees, running till she can't breathe, and doing anything involving paint. taylor swift is her favorite musician and her favorite food is homemade soup. this little girl of mine, she is more than i could have dreamed up. her heart is one that is after God and that right there, that  right  there, makes her golden. 

//Though she be but little, she is fierce. -Shakespeare// 

Happy Birthday, darling girl. You. Are. Loved. 

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