Monday, April 8, 2013

our weekend and our new chickens.

it was such a great weekend. from the top-

1. me
2. rainbow pancakes on saturday morning
3. blooming trees at Downing Park 
4. zora dora popsicles, which completely confirms to us that spring is in fact here to stay
5. kids fell asleep in the car. so jonathan and i took a moment and pretended we were on a date.
6. graycen with one of our new chickens. 
7. 8. 9. 10. 11 . our chickens!
12. meet the ladies...

we have Charlotte, Anne, Emily, and Jane. and yes they are named after the Bronte sisters. and then we threw in Jane, for good measure. also there were only three sisters and we have four ladies. so there they are! hard to believe that they will be full grown soon and laying eggs shortly after that. we are so excited. honestly, chickens are a load of fun. we've laughed so much at them over the past two days. we are giving them short periods of time to run the house. mostly on the hard wood where i can clean up after them with a wipe, if ya know what i mean. and they are hilarious! dune is a chicken whisperer. he will stroke their little heads and they've been falling asleep in his hands. and lars, lars is a born natural. he is so in love that at bedtime last night he cried because he wanted the chickens to sleep in his room. graycen meanwhile, she is tender and caring but also completely responsible. she wants to be the most involved. she's been cleaning them and checking on them the most. she even cleaned their feet this morning before she left for school. she is a huge help and understands that as they grow the responsibilities will increase and she looks forward to that.

we ordered the perfect coop for them which should be here in a few days, hopefully by the weekend and we can start building it and put them outside. as they grow we will build them a big run. and then when we are all outside we will let them roam the yard free. 

piper, our rescue pit bull, met the chickens and was by instinct careful and mothering. of course at this point we wouldn't leave her alone with them, but we are most certainly involving her. she will be a critical factor to protecting them, but even with her on guard we have been explaining to the children that just due to the nature of well, nature, that the chickens can still become another animals lunch. so we need to take the best of care and precaution when it comes to these lovely ladies. 

jonathan and i were talking the other night about this season of our lives. how things lately are evolving within our home and everything is getting a bit easier. you know, i feel as if because of the cancer diagnosis i was given when dune and lars were such babies that i sometimes even still take the time to mourn a part of that that i will never get back. and as much as i would love a little baby in the house, i wouldn't mind if it was someone else's. that longing for more children is diminishing and the appreciation for what God has given us in the timing He's given it, well, i am finding peace with that. to watch my children grow, to see them be such awesome little people that i want to spend my days devoted to their lives. it's something special and powerful and it dawned on me this weekend that it has all been leading up to this. 
// it takes courage to grow up and be who you really are. e.e. cummings//
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