Monday, April 15, 2013

Our weekend in pictures.

we were so busy the last few days, that for the most part i forgot about taking pictures. imagine that! but i still managed to take some with my iphone so we can look back on some sweet moments from this past weekend. the highlights included getting a -new to us- boat that we are going to fix up. it came with a motor too and we plan on taking it around our own little lake, but also lake george in just a few weeks. i grew up fishing along the shores of lake george in the adirondacks, in a john boat just like this with my dad. i remember wearing my orange life jacket, watching my dad from the front of the boat and listening to him very carefully explain why he chose certain spots to catch the big one! we will pass this legacy on to our little ones of course. 

other highlights include our growing seeds, the chickens getting bigger( and harder to catch! ), the new seasonal candles at Cold Spring Apothecary that are making our house smell UH-mazing, and that pineapple chili lime sea salt popsicle at Zora Dora. seriously, why are those popsicles so good? also, dinner at my dad's, new mulch in the front of the house, friends coming over on Sunday, and ending the day with thai take out on the couch with my husband. 

now we are switching gears as we head into the week... because MY SISTER WILL BE HERE TOMORROW!!!! and we are living for it.

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