Monday, April 22, 2013

Storm King Art Center.

the day before my sister left, we took her to the Storm King Art Center. here are some pictures from our day. 

you can learn more about Storm King, here

we are missing my sister in a major way, but we are getting excited about our next visitor. My mom! she arrives wednesday and will stay here through out the week into the weekend and help us celebrate Graycen's 7th birthday. speaking of her birthday, as my little girl ran to the bus this morning I yelled out, "enjoy your last week of being six!" then i closed the door and cried. 

what an awesome weekend we had! We enjoyed the company of friends and neighbors, built up our garden a bit, planted some more, and then Sunday Jonathan was baptized at church!!!! It really goes down as one of the best days of my life, and his. we are in a sweet season of life right now. I am so thankful that my heart is nearly exploding at every thought of it. jonathan and i have dreams and plans that include so much trust and faith in God, but it's all so exciting that we can hardly contain our joy. Hope your weekend was sweet as well.
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