Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A recipe for kale and apple salad.

the weather this week has been hot and sticky and the last thing i want to do is turn on my oven or stove. i usually really start to bump up the raw portions of my eating around this time of year. my body agrees that this is a sweet deal. 

one of my staples in my fridge all year is kale, but instead of cooking with it, adding it to soups, or making chips from it like i do over the winter, now i'll usually just stick to it's original form: raw!

if you are not totally sold on kale yet, it might just be how you are prepping it. this is my favorite way; chop it up in tiny pieces. sometimes i will roll the kale once i have removed it from the stem and julienne it and then rough chop a few times. 

so for this salad you will prep your kale the way i mention above. 

for salad:

 3 leaves of kale remove from stem.
a green apple, chopped.
red cabbage
dried cranberries

for dressing:

whole grain mustard
juice of whole lime

prepare your salad ingredients, except avocado. set aside. mix the dressing, adding the lime at end to thin it out. once you have made your dressing add it to the salad and massage the kale for a bit. now set aside in the fridge for a few hours allowing the kale to wilt even more. before serving, dice up avocado and if you have hemp seeds, flax, or chia around, add that too! cashews would be lovely for a nice crunch. i will make variations of this salad from now until fall. enjoy!
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