Monday, May 6, 2013

The bronx zoo!

on saturday morning our friends came from out of town for an over night stay at our house. we decided that the bronx zoo would be fun and the weather all week was looking promising. well, looks like the rest of New York was thinking the same thing, because oh. my. goodness. let me catch my breath. the weather was glorious and the zoo was PACKED. 

so we braved the park with 3 three year olds, a seven year old, a baby, and four adults. it was so crowded and stressful that about half way though the day dune and lars were giving me every signal that it was time to leave. but we stayed and pushed and shoved our way through the mobs of people. 

out of all of us, this little gem of a babe didn't complain once! she is an angel. 

i felt a little bad for graycen who wanted to take it all in and read everything on her own. but when the 3 year olds were ready to move we all had better be ready to move! she was so incredibly patient and helpful as only Gray can be. i love you, graycen! we are thankful for your help!

but this shot? i think i might be crazy enough to do it all again just to get a picture like this! 

so much walking. and if you are taking little ones be prepared to walk all over the place to see the animals. the zoo is very spread out. 

i don't even remember what the kids were looking at in this picture. i just know i couldn't get enough of this group. Lilah, my friend's daughter, was born a month before the boys. so those three, i was getting a kick out of.

the bug carousel was a high light. we lucked out and had to wait in a pretty short line. phew! 

the butterflies were another favorite. i think i'll take graycen back by herself this summer just so she can walk through there again and take her time. 

on our way out of the zoo, dune was so allergy ridden (didn't bring benadryl-slap to forehead) and over tired, that he ended up throwing a massive fit and cried his way out of the zoo in my arms all the way back to the car where he fell asleep within minutes into our drive home. buuuut, was it worth it? heck yea it was because of THIS picture!!!!! hahahaha, i can't stop laughing at this picture. tears, screaming, fit and all- worth it.

look at these tired faces. everyone napped on the way home and when we got back to our house the kids were happy to be playing all together freely, and ate a big dinner together, then got tucked into bed. Sunday we woke up and Graycen held the baby all morning. Lars and Lilah had some time to bond and Dune napped for the first of three times yesterday. when it came time to say goodbye everyone was sad. clearly the kids let us know that a few hours on Sunday morning was not enough time to be playing. And Lars especially didn't want to say goodbye to his new friend, "supergirl" or Lilah, as most people call her. 

over all it was wonderful, and we concluded that just hanging around, catching up, and letting the kids be free range is totally the way to go next time. Either that, or just don't EVER go back to the zoo on a beautiful saturday in May. 

the end. 
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