Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The weekend.

my sister and brother in law flew in from florida for the weekend to celebrate my dad's birthday. it was a whirlwind of fun and laughs and more laughs. most of the time they were here it felt like fall weather. cool air, breezy and rainy. we had fires in the fireplace and snuggled up with blankets, cooked and watched movies. we had a big dinner for my dad one night and also got outside to the farmer's market on sunday. yesterday we had to say goodbye again and bring our family to the airport. it's getting harder and harder for my kids to have to say goodbye to their favorite people in the world. and really, it's getting harder and harder on me and my sister too. it just doesn't feel right that we live so far from each other. 

i hope everyone had a safe and fun memorial day weekend. we are so thankful to the men and women who make sacrifices everyday for this country. from my family to you, thank you.
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