Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life recently.

^^^  nyc and picking ice creams in manhattan

^^^ father's day, bbqing and playing outside. also, hugging chickens

^^^ top secret club, no adults allowed

^^^ swimming!

^^^ gymnastics performance

^^^ graycen's end of the year class trip to a zoo in PA. Dune and Lars came too!

^^^ little friends playing down at the river

 ^^^ pumpkin vines and piper!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


we've been really busy the last few weeks, so i've been relying on my iphone for pictures more than ever. and ya know what? i'm kind of mad that i have been. for one, i never get those pictures printed out, they never go in a frame or get hung on a wall. they just load up to instagram and or go directly on the blog. i miss the days where it was my camera that i carried every where. i need to get better at this. especially with dune and lars. most of the pictures of their life so far have been taken with my iphone and have some sort of fancy filter on them. this is fine now, but years from now, i know we will all prefer some printed pictures in a book to thumb through, talk about, laugh about, and fancy or not, just be happy looking at.

this moment above, it was pure magic. i was giving the boys crazy hair during their bath the other morning and i went and grabbed my camera, (not my phone!) and Lars instantly made this pose. before this, i wasn't even aware he had an inner rockstar to channel, but make no mistake, he does! and just like that i have a picture, no filter, no fancy editing, that i will print out and put in a frame. and hang in our bathroom, no doubt.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Swimming Season.

yesterday our next door neighbor came over and told the kids and I to come swimming in their pool. we jumped on that! and the best part is that while swimming she told us to use the pool as our own, that both of her children are not coming home this summer, (one is planning a wedding and lives out of state and the other just moved in with her boyfriend) and it would be a shame to her and her husband if this was a year the pool didn't get used. so she told me nothing would make them happier to know while they are at work during the day that the pool would be being used. so i agreed that i would totally use the pool!!! i am so thankful for their generosity. they love our kids and we've gotten to know them since we've moved in, but this, this is just so kind! we told them they can pick from our garden as they wish and that they will have free eggs as long as they like too! i would say this is a win win!!! graycen even ended up staying for burgers and corn on the cob... then they took her to dairy queen! graycen thinks this is quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened to her;) and on a 90 degree day, i might just agree!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

As My Homesteading Heart Explodes.

we've got so many vegetables and herbs growing in our garden right now! lettuces, beets, sunflowers, corn, carrots, pumpkins, peas, green beans, cucumbers, 2 kinds of basil, cilantro, heirloom tomatoes, dill, parsley, radishes, potatoes and more! the last few days the garden has just taken off, and it thrills me to no end. this really is the best time of year to be at our home and i am soaking up every drop of it. i walk around the yard with the kids everyday just pointing out all the new and different things that are happening right in our own back yard. the smell of honeysuckle and the breeze today has me feeling all kinds of thankful. i saw a picture the other day that said, 'grow gardens not lawns.' and i liked it! meaning, if you have the space, utilize it. i can't wait for our first garden to table meal, as i feel we've taken the first steps this year to growing our own food at this old house. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

When Bliss Is Right In The Backyard.

i mean really. when one of my favorite places in the world is my backyard, it brings me no greater joy than to fill it with the people i love. yesterday was magic. complete and total magic. we had some of our favorites come up from the city to spend Sunday with us. how incredibly blessed i am to see this weave of friendship God started working when 6 years ago i saw my best friend walk into a playgroup for the first time. and if ever the heavens parted and leaked light down upon a moment, it was the moment i saw her. and the rest is history. i can't begin to explain that kind of friendship unless of course you have one like that. and our kids. our kids are in love with each other. and i don't mean that lightly. it's a deeply rooted relationship they have with one another. and when we are together it's fluid. not a care in the world unless it's the cares we're sharing.

i can't wait for the summer to unfold. this is graycen's second to last week of school, and then it's all schooooools out for the summer!!!!!! i've got two little boys turning 4 in a month and a birthday party to start planning, we've got continual tending to our garden, farmer's markets to attend, beaches to swim at, bbq's to throw, sunburns to avoid, and mountains to visit. it's the end of year buzz we are all on and it's good. it's really good!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Walk Across The Hudson River.

the boys and i took a walk across the river this morning. the weather today is to die for. as i was walking i just kept thinking, "the winter is so worth it. the winter is sooo worth it." those long long months that just seem to never end producing nothing but a bitter chill inside my bones, the ongoing days of threatening to move out of this state and all it's seasons, 'im going somewhere tropical' mantra that i chant until sometime in april. but then there's the rest of the year. there is spring and all it's promises, all the new life, and taking off of seeds, and grass that grows faster than we can keep up with. there's the breeze and warm days, and cool nights, and those couple of odd weeks filled with humidity scattered throughout to remind your soul that summer is around the corner. but today belonged entirely to spring. it was cool as we started and the sun warmed our hair and towards the end of our walk we were sweating. as far as we could see the mountains have exploded in lush green and the sky a soft blue. 

it is an absolutely beautiful day here in the hudson valley.

one that makes you think you'll be putting up with more winters in the future for one day of this. 
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