Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Walk Across The Hudson River.

the boys and i took a walk across the river this morning. the weather today is to die for. as i was walking i just kept thinking, "the winter is so worth it. the winter is sooo worth it." those long long months that just seem to never end producing nothing but a bitter chill inside my bones, the ongoing days of threatening to move out of this state and all it's seasons, 'im going somewhere tropical' mantra that i chant until sometime in april. but then there's the rest of the year. there is spring and all it's promises, all the new life, and taking off of seeds, and grass that grows faster than we can keep up with. there's the breeze and warm days, and cool nights, and those couple of odd weeks filled with humidity scattered throughout to remind your soul that summer is around the corner. but today belonged entirely to spring. it was cool as we started and the sun warmed our hair and towards the end of our walk we were sweating. as far as we could see the mountains have exploded in lush green and the sky a soft blue. 

it is an absolutely beautiful day here in the hudson valley.

one that makes you think you'll be putting up with more winters in the future for one day of this. 
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