Wednesday, June 19, 2013


we've been really busy the last few weeks, so i've been relying on my iphone for pictures more than ever. and ya know what? i'm kind of mad that i have been. for one, i never get those pictures printed out, they never go in a frame or get hung on a wall. they just load up to instagram and or go directly on the blog. i miss the days where it was my camera that i carried every where. i need to get better at this. especially with dune and lars. most of the pictures of their life so far have been taken with my iphone and have some sort of fancy filter on them. this is fine now, but years from now, i know we will all prefer some printed pictures in a book to thumb through, talk about, laugh about, and fancy or not, just be happy looking at.

this moment above, it was pure magic. i was giving the boys crazy hair during their bath the other morning and i went and grabbed my camera, (not my phone!) and Lars instantly made this pose. before this, i wasn't even aware he had an inner rockstar to channel, but make no mistake, he does! and just like that i have a picture, no filter, no fancy editing, that i will print out and put in a frame. and hang in our bathroom, no doubt.
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