Thursday, June 13, 2013

Swimming Season.

yesterday our next door neighbor came over and told the kids and I to come swimming in their pool. we jumped on that! and the best part is that while swimming she told us to use the pool as our own, that both of her children are not coming home this summer, (one is planning a wedding and lives out of state and the other just moved in with her boyfriend) and it would be a shame to her and her husband if this was a year the pool didn't get used. so she told me nothing would make them happier to know while they are at work during the day that the pool would be being used. so i agreed that i would totally use the pool!!! i am so thankful for their generosity. they love our kids and we've gotten to know them since we've moved in, but this, this is just so kind! we told them they can pick from our garden as they wish and that they will have free eggs as long as they like too! i would say this is a win win!!! graycen even ended up staying for burgers and corn on the cob... then they took her to dairy queen! graycen thinks this is quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened to her;) and on a 90 degree day, i might just agree!
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