Monday, June 10, 2013

When Bliss Is Right In The Backyard.

i mean really. when one of my favorite places in the world is my backyard, it brings me no greater joy than to fill it with the people i love. yesterday was magic. complete and total magic. we had some of our favorites come up from the city to spend Sunday with us. how incredibly blessed i am to see this weave of friendship God started working when 6 years ago i saw my best friend walk into a playgroup for the first time. and if ever the heavens parted and leaked light down upon a moment, it was the moment i saw her. and the rest is history. i can't begin to explain that kind of friendship unless of course you have one like that. and our kids. our kids are in love with each other. and i don't mean that lightly. it's a deeply rooted relationship they have with one another. and when we are together it's fluid. not a care in the world unless it's the cares we're sharing.

i can't wait for the summer to unfold. this is graycen's second to last week of school, and then it's all schooooools out for the summer!!!!!! i've got two little boys turning 4 in a month and a birthday party to start planning, we've got continual tending to our garden, farmer's markets to attend, beaches to swim at, bbq's to throw, sunburns to avoid, and mountains to visit. it's the end of year buzz we are all on and it's good. it's really good!
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