Monday, July 22, 2013

Dune and Lars Turn 4!

it's quiet this morning. i've got the first of the many loads of laundry going, bathrooms are cleaned, and cartoons are on in the background. my mom and sister have flown home to Florida and this morning it's just us again. it was a whirlwind of memories and birthdays, good food, swimming, and just being together. today it's all captured in my heart as i go about my chores and think how much i miss them.

above are pictures from a little birthday party we threw for dune and lars and then the lake pictures are from their birth day. we had a great party and the rain held out so we could all be outside. i decorated and kept all the food indoors just incase the skies decided to open up! they never did, thankfully. the boys received so many awesome presents and gifts they will actually grown into and use, like a basketball hoop, and soccer nets and balls, and backpacks! we are truly blessed by the friends and family we have!

we took the boys swimming on their birthday to a lake about 45 minutes away from here. there wasn't a cloud in the sky that day and temperatures were in the 90's! the kids were so happy to be wet for a good part of the day. the day before this was my birthday and we went swimming that day too. and the most amazing thing happened! dune and lars taught themselves to swim! i didn't even know kids were capable of teaching themselves to swim, but with a lot of determination, bravery, and watching a big sis know how to do it, they learned! so on their birthday they literally swam for hours and hours, barely coming to the surface. we had to convince them to eat lunch and promise them they could get right back in the water. after many hours in the sun we drove home with two tired FOUR year olds only to walk in my house and see that my dad had decorated our entire dining room, top to bottom, in birthday decorations! we ordered pizza, laughed, sang, and cut into the giant ice cream cake that my dad had also bought. it was awesome and dune and lars felt loved because they are loved. graycen kept saying that everyday last week was, "the best day of my life!" and ya know, i think i can agree.
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