Tuesday, July 23, 2013




 last week, when my mom and sister were here, i was going through my e-mail and saw an invite to a pickle party from one of my favorite local farms here. i thought it would be so fun for us to do all together! and it was!!! it was right around dusk and the barn was nice and cool inside and after we were finished we walked the grounds while the chickens followed us around and the rooster crowed. it was such a beautiful evening.  a few days later we ate our pickles at dinner together. Lars was a fan of the lemon cucumbers i picked and all that fresh dill! oh gosh, my hands smelled like dill the rest of that night. i was really happy about that:)

now i'm on a pickling kick! i think i'm gonna pickle some more cucumbers soon along with carrots, and green beans, and anything else i come across. pickles for days! this is also something i'm going to let each one of my kids be in charge of. i will set up a space just like they did in the above pictures, and let each child create their own versions.

okay, now i'm off to eat a pickle. i can't even think about them without craving more.

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