Monday, August 12, 2013

Coney Island, Part One.

brooklyn hasn't left me. it's the place i lived right before i started the chapter of my life with jonathan. brooklyn changed me.

 we had made plans to go to lake george with my in laws for the weekend. after some minor issues with our car and a leaking basement from the rain storm on thursday we decided to reschedule our date with the adirondacks and stay local. we decided on coney island instead.

we woke up early saturday morning and grabbed some coffee and headed out to brooklyn. being in brooklyn for me is always filled with nostalgia and magic. i lived there right before i met jonathan. he lived there too for a time, so the two of us have a bit of brooklyn fever and when we're there we both become filled with this "brooklyn-ness". jonathan has spent more time there over the last few years, working there occasionally and bringing me home vegan donuts from Williamsburgh every now and then (love him for doing that!). so on saturday, you can imagine what we were like. graycen loves hearing the stories of my cab rides home from manhattan late at night, riding the subway, walking 5 flights of stairs and rooming with my best friend back in my early 20's. those stories will never get old to her.

this part of brooklyn is especially fantastic. you reach a certain distance and all you smell is salt water and funel cakes. you see miles of sailboats and huge homes with giant menorahs out front. bodegas line the streets like trees do here in the hudson valley. and i couldn't love it any more.

we took the kids to the NY Aquarium, parking right under The Cyclone roller coaster. the kids climbed out of the car, looking up, overly excited by the screams of the people riding the ride. we spent our time walking through the aquarium, watching the sea lion show, which made me tear up i might add. we were educated on the effects of super storm sandy last year, and how that whole area has been rebuilding and fixing the damage and will continue to for years to come. after the aquarium we walked to Nathan's hot dogs, the original Nathan's. it opened as a little hot dog stand in coney island in 1916, and all these years later we stood in line and placed our order. after we ate we walked the boardwalk, we took the kids on some rides, (more on that tomorrow) and finally ended the day by letting the kids swim in the ocean with their clothes on.

you know those moments, the ones where you feel you are in the middle of one of your best memories? you try and stand still long enough to remember the feeling of the sticky air on your skin along with the smell of hot dogs in the air, the noise of carnival music in the background and your kids running wild and free and happy. the memories of brooklyn got greater for me on saturday because i had my family with me. if you had told me as a young 22 year old girl, standing in coney island with $5 to my name, watching fireworks on the beach on that friday night with my best friend, if you had told me then what i know now i wouldn't have believed it. but just like what makes coney island so wonderful, the most unbelievable stories happen to be my favorite. and this is definitely part of my favorite story.

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