Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random thoughts and other things.

something i simply can not get over is that all three of these little birds will be either starting school or going back to school in less than two weeks. my heart just can't wrap around that idea.

yesterday we went to Bear Mountain and spent a glorious day in the sunshine, soaking up these last bits of summer. we've gone on many adventures together these past two months and i'll miss my buddies.

there are a few more things i'd like to slip in before they head to school. there are still some adventures that await.

i'm not ready for fall but the Earth says otherwise. the tips of the maples in our front yard are already flirting with the color red. the leaves on the ground tell me it's coming.

our garden knows it too. i picked a pumpkin the other day and the kids dug out bucket full of potatoes from the ground. the sunflowers are all hanging heavy and the tomatoes are at their peak. summer is wrapping up.

herbs are drying all over the kitchen and batches of soups are being frozen for the colder months.

i have a PET scan in two weeks. this year will be three years. three years since i had my first clean scan, the scan that said the cancer had left.

jonathan and i have an anniversary coming up as well. 8 years of everyday waking up and saying, "i still do."

regardless of being ready or not, change comes and is inevitable. i guess my confidence lies in the preparedness of it all. my kids entering school for the first time. preserving garden goodies for upcoming months. a body that i work hard to keep healthy. and a marriage that i value and keep sacred.

"There is a crushing joy that crackles in every corner of this world. I am tiny and yet I am here. I have been given senses, awareness, existence, and placed on a stage so crowded with the vast, so teeming with the tiny, that I can do nothing but laugh, and sometimes laugh and cry. Living makes dying worth it." -N.D. Wilson
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