Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Running, Raw Food, and Coming Off A Cleanse.

i drank coffee this morning. and it was good. i came off my cleanse two days ago. and i feel great! as hard as a cleanse is in the moment, the rewards just so far out weigh anything that feels temporarily nuts. i've done many cleanses since i had cancer. i do a few a year, almost one a season. i compare it to spring cleaning. i usually keep it to a week. this time i went a little over two weeks because of how good i was feeling. i don't do it any longer than that because it really is twice the work when i am cooking meals for my family 3 times a day and then on the side preparing a whole separate 3 meals for myself. if you've never done a cleanse it can be scary at first to think about how much you'll give up. but it's only for a short while and the benefits are long term. 

here's a few ways to do a cleanse. this is just my outline, what i like to stick to that helps me clean "house", hydrate, clear up my skin, get my pants a bit looser, and get my general feeling of well being way up. i like to drink water on a cleanse and a lot of it! I drink over 104 ounces of water a day. and yes, i need to be near a bathroom for the first 3 days till my body adjusts. i give up coffee and replace it with herbal tea, most of the time an organic green tea. if i have to have a sweetener during a cleanse i use a raw agave and a small amount. for breakfast i juice it up! i take whatever i have and run it through the juicer. sometimes it's a green juice, sometimes a beet is thrown in, or some carrots. i like to keep my veggies low sugar on the glycemic chart. for lunch i make the biggest, freshest salad i possibly can, and if i need a little something else, i will fry up some tempeh in some coconut oil and add a splash of soy sauce. i add berries to almost every salad i make, and also nuts and seeds. right now hemp seeds are what's making me super happy. more hemp please! mid afternoon, i'll either have another juice, and or a giant smoothie. i add things like frozen banana, maca powder, cacao powder, more hemp seeds, almond butter and blend up. i love spinach and blueberries in my smoothies too. by dinner i'll make either a raw pad thai, or raw "pasta" with fresh pesto, or tofu eggless salad on a bed of greens and raw onions and tomato. then before bed i like to drink an herbal tea and brush my teeth to signal to my brain that "i am done" for the day. i get plenty of sleep and wake up and start with a huge lemon water and do it all again the next day. 

what is really making a difference this time is how much i am building up my ability to run. but remember, NONE and i mean NONE of this is done in my own power. by day three on a cleanse  i am miserable, short tempered, feeling sluggish, and really really really don't want to go exercise. but as soon as that fog lifts, and it will and it does, i feel 100 percent better. so, my running journey has been good so far and the cleanse had certainly helped. my distance is increasing almost daily, and although i feel like a whale in need of oxygen sometimes, the point is i am trying. and while trying, i am doing something with my body that just a few weeks ago i could not do. 

i was running the bridge the other night, and i just wanted to stop. i thought, "why don't i just walk the rest of the way?" what would have been so bad about that? but the thing is, i haven't asked God to make me a good walker. i've asked Him to make me a runner. and when i wanted to stop, "Oceans" by Hillsong came on my iphone and i began to pick up my speed and i kept repeating the word, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..." and the song sang, "You call me out upon the water, the great unknown where feet may fail." i find myself crying a lot when i run. not sobbing, but a tear every now and then rolling down my cheek. i think, "God, why is this journey of mine of any importance to You?" and really, why would it be? and i am reminded, who am i to question God? He has and does draw me in and in that closeness reveals Himself as caring and gentle with me as i learn to lean in closer to Him. Just like watching one of my own babies take their first steps, i didn't turn my back because i knew other things needed to be done. no, my attention was on them, cheering them on to come to me, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Matthew 6:26 says, "look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away harvest in barns, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" so again i am brought to my knees, or rather my feet, to tie up the laces on my shoes again, go do something i would rather not do because i trust in a God who will sustain me, strengthen me, and love me while i try and make this body of mine become more of what He designed for me to be. so i run. 

i am off my cleanse now, but will continue to eat a high raw diet as i am noticing how much it helps me run. one of my favorite easy raw dinners is zucchini "pasta" with pesto and tomatoes. below is the recipe. 

Raw Zucchini Noodles with Pesto.

one large zucchini, julienned 

for the sauce:
2 cups basil leaves
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 walnuts or pine nuts (i use walnuts because they are cheaper)
1/2 cup olive oil
blend everything in food processor till smooth.

garnish- chopped tomato or marinated tomatoes
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