Monday, September 30, 2013

october and the end of this blog.

I haven't written in over a month here and i've kind of missed it. but with that, i have realized that i think my time in this little corner of the internet world is finally coming to an end. i have loved writing about our lives over the last 6 years, sharing my pregnancies, marriage, birthday's, recipes, moving, buying a home, how God has worked in our lives, cancer, raising twins, and everyday growing up in parenthood, Christ, being married, and life! it has been an honor, and the fact that anyone other than my mom ever read this blog is just down right humbling to me. i have been encouraged by airing much of our "dirty laundry" here at Salt and Light, and that God in fact used it many times as both salt and light! i wrote as a need for truth being born after seeing a lack of that in many blogs. i wrote about the good and bad and in return people shared both their good and bad with me. how amazing that a little piece of the wide world web would turn into countless prayers from people i have never met and people i love very much, and for people i have never met and people i love. but as our lives become a bit busier and my heart is teaching me to make our lives more private, i feel it is coming to an end. i don't think this is my last post, but it coming soon.


but before i go, let's talk about october, shall we? we shall. tomorrow is october first, marking it the first day of my very favorite month. our yard does this spectacular thing this time every year and rains down orange and red confetti, covering the yard and driveway in a burst of God's grand creativity. it sets me a blaze and i become hungrier and hungrier for God's truth all the more this time of year, every year. i don't know why it is that way, but i think God hard wired me that autumn is just one of my love languages. and in the words of my favorite girl Anne Shirley, "I'm so glad i live in a world where there are Octobers."

so enjoy your tomorrow. maybe a pumpkin latte somewhere alone with the Word, or a walk in the brisk air at evening, or a hand full of candy corn and play date to run and jump in the leaves with your kids. whatever it may be, be fully there, fully aware, and completely alive.
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