Monday, November 18, 2013

the weekend, in iphone pics.

from the top-

1. it's boot weather. although today has thrown us a curve ball and it feels like spring. i don't know. im so confused! but hey, i'll take it. seasonal affective disorder is no fun.

2. i can't explain how hard jonathan works. sometimes i think i have keep this blog just to use as a space for bragging rights. but it's a blog, and it's my blog after all so imma gonna keep bragging. first he spent every night last week scraping off horrible wallpaper that we've been living with in the upstairs hallway for the past two years. every time he wanted to stop he probably just envisioned a day where i wouldn't complain about it and that was all the motivation he needed to keep going. i kid! not really. then this weekend he painted, i helped with this too. and we painted and painted and painted, and this morning we are about 85% of the way done. it looks so beautiful and bright up there already and i am thrilled at how it's turning out. since the hallway is the size of a room we are going to use it as a t.v/ game room/ playroom for the kids.

3. because we haven't had enough painting we are going to paint Graycen's room next. she's been picking out paint colors every time we are at the paint supply store (which happens to be everyday) and in the picture above she was explaining why she wants her room blue. her room will never ever be blue. but she can keep trying to convince me. but her room will never be blue.

4. this picture of lars was only a few hours before he decided that we haven't been doing enough around the house and that we should add- cleaning up his throw up- to that list. baby boy stayed home with me today and then i got a call from the nurse to come pick up graycen who said she felt like she was going to throw up. am i having fun yet? not nearly enough, because guess what. you're right! i'm sick too!

5. which leads me to this last picture. because ludens are good and really just candy, and burts bees because those actually work.

hope everyone had a great weekend! i'm gonna go disinfect the house, make tea, and sit in the sun:)
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