Monday, December 2, 2013


as much as our bellies were stuffed, it was my heart that was really full. we had friends over on thanksgiving, and i am glad my dad was here with us too. delicious food, a lot of laughs, and in general the noise level, the hustle and bustle of life happening is what i will remember most from this thanksgiving. jonathan and i said it over and over again this weekend, that we are literally in the best of the best moments of our lives, these magical times where our children are just so little and so unaffected by what's going on around them, these years where every last drip is to be savored. making mental notes constantly and later literally falling onto my knees and giving thanks to God for allowing me to be a part of this.

my heart is open and waiting as we head into this season of advent. as we prepare of ourselves to prayerfully seek God's will to give more, way more, than to receive. will we respond to that? will we give up whatever we are clinging to? will we wait as we retell the story of the little babe in the manger and a young mom, will we wait selflessly? will we wait in anticipation of the promise made by a Savior who loves us that He would come once and believe that He is coming again? friends, breathe. the best gift has already come. there is a relief in that. and that gift is for you.
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