Friday, January 3, 2014


this year is different already. i can feel it, can you feel it? it's right there, so close under my skin. this year i didn't rush in with any resolutions, but rather with one wild word that is going to change everything. that word is, permission. this year i give myself permission, right here, right now, right where i am. permission to grow and live. maybe you need permission too, i don't know. but i do know this word has been laid on my heart with the stroke of midnight on the first of the year, and i needed it.

this year, permission to-

dream wildly
strum a guitar i have never learned to play
eat lots of bread
or eat raw
drink red wine
drink more tea
blog a little or a lot
tell my story
live my story
think about unschooling my children
fall passionately on fire for God and shout it anywhere
spend days listening to Joan Baez
spend days without the tv on
feel free to live with an old fashion heart in a modern world
paint our family room walls pink
raise more chickens
adopt more animals
look at land in Vermont
permission to love out loud
to want to stay home
to grow a big garden
to paint all day
to read for hours all the poetry i can get my hands on.

permission to be me.

happy new year!
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