Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thought Breeds Thought.

"Since it is so likely that our children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage." C.S. Lewis

 This day, this time, these moments, I want to tuck away in my heart forever. There's a buzz around here as over the next few weeks our family focuses on bringing a new rhythm into our home. Our homeschooling life will not look much different than our day to day lives do right now. Knowing we were going to homeschool, I have taken this summer to weave parts of a more intentional learning into our days, unbeknownst to our kids! That IS the best kind of learning, I say. The one where life is teaching you naturally.  Some methods we have been using are for instance, with Graycen we use thematic spelling. An example would be, this week we went to the zoo, so her spelling list was taken from words she found at the zoo, like amphibian and ecology. She will write and study and memorize about 15 words weekly so she can use them in her writings. They are words that will reflect her life at the moment. They will be relevant. Math will be very visual and artistic, drawing pictures to teach and learn. We will be diving into American History this year, dressing up and baking, visiting places we learn about, reading Laura Ingalls, studying Native American prayers, and the Greek and Hebrew language... how is it similar, how is it different? That is just the beginning. Out of all the year ahead of us, I am most excited to teach the kids History. We will be using our hands quite a lot this year, all of the children will. Dune and Lars will be learning how to finger knit and watercolor, shaping letters in dough and baking them, then eating them of course! We will be getting out in nature every day and doing nature studies. Graycen will be working with felt and beeswax, candle making, and sewing. People ask me, "how will you teach all those subjects, and to two different ages?" I don't really know how that looks yet. I'm sure on some days while Graycen and I are immersed in some math lesson, Dune or Lars will be making far too much noise, getting way too messy, and demanding my attention at that very moment. I know I will keep bins of legos ready to get us through those times. But what I also know is the freedom we have with this choice we have made to teach our kids at home. We can put the books down when life calls for it. We can spend too much time imagining we live in the colonial days, or take a day to picnic in the park with all of our art supplies. I do know the curriculum I have carefully chosen will allow us to bend and adjust our days according to our family's needs. That to me is just the most beautiful thought.

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist."- Oscar Wilde
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