Monday, September 22, 2014

Diligence, Integrity, Character, and Potatoes.

In our homeschool, we've been learning about diligence, integrity, and character in our history lessons. We've been talking about the importance of a good leader and what it takes to earn respect from men and women. We've had some really interesting talks about this, considering more than half of my audience are only five years old. None the less, I try to drill this home. Some really great bible verses on this topic have been found in our lessons, Romans 12:11, Proverbs 18:9, and Proverbs 19:15. All good ones.

Yesterday we picked the potatoes we planted back in spring. Lars was most anxious all summer for the perfect time to pick them, waiting sometimes not so patiently. While all three of my kids posses really awesome qualities, it is Lars who I see with leadership abilities that go beyond anything I could ever teach him, but more  of how God has made him. All three kids started out with vigor and enthusiasm, but two quickly grew tired of digging, and digging, and digging. Not Lars. Long after everyone else had gone on to other things, he was still there digging with even more intent than he started with. Lars easily picked more than half of our potatoes. I stood back and watched as he wiped his sweaty brow with his dirty hands and I was proud of my boy. I would say that he most definitly displayed diligence, integrity, and great character picking those potatoes. Again, something I could never make him become, but rather lead him to grow in those ways and remind him of how proud we are of him when we see him display these traits. That goes for all of my kids. All of them different, all equally important and needed in their role in our family, and eventually needed in their role outside of our home.

Tonight, we sit down, to the fruits of Lars labor, the first meal of many where we eat our potatoes. Tonight, potato soup.
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